To Plant The Tree Of Tomorrow

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To Plant The Tree Of Tomorrow

There is a story told that, in a cer­tain town, men and women toiled at work in order to sur­vive. Every­day the men and women went out to their respec­tive jobs: the men to the fields and the bean crops; the women to the fire­wood and the car­ry­ing of water. At times there was work that brought them together as equals. For exam­ple, men and women would join together for the cut­ting of cof­fee, when its time had come. And so it passed.

A Fascinating Story: A Summer With ‘Where Are Your Keys?’

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A look at the eight week sum­mer lan­guage revi­tal­iza­tion pro­gram run by Where Are Your Keys? and the Con­fed­er­ated Tribes of Warm Springs. Evan Gard­ner, the cre­ator of the Where Are Your Keys? method of accel­er­ated lan­guage acqui­si­tion, his three interns, and seven Warm Springs high school stu­dents work together with flu­ent speak­ers of the Numu lan­guage on the Warm Springs reser­va­tion in apply­ing the WAYK sys­tem to the language.

This film is focused on the method­olo­gies used to revi­tal­ize the lan­guage and strengthen the com­mu­nity, as told by the high school stu­dents, the interns, and Evan.

For more infor­ma­tion about Where Are Your Keys?, visit

Speaking vs. Speaking About

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Speaking vs. Speaking About

Learn­ing to speak my lan­guage is way bet­ter then learn­ing to speak about my lan­guage. There is no need to learn what a clitic, pre­fix, suf­fix, noun, verb, adjec­tive, and proverb is! Learn to hunt the lan­guage through fierce con­ver­sa­tion and immersion.

Small Number and the Old Canoe (Update)

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Small Number and the Old Canoe (Update)

Here is a video pro­duced by The IRMACS Cen­tre with flu­ent language-speaker Peter Jacobs. Count­ing Small Num­bers in Squamish Language.

Squamish Language for Things Around the House

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Ta new yap, [Hi all,] I am cre­at­ing a mas­sive list of items and verbs to use around the house.  I will be mak­ing labels, then tap­ing them to the objects around the house so that I become sur­rounded by “Squamish Lan­guage” and learn the words. Here is my list so far.  Look­ing for any addi­tions and/or sug­ges­tions! Huy chayap …