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Come inside!

Kwis Nchém̓us // When You Meet

[haiku url=“” title=“Tl’ik chen!”]

Tl’ik chen!
(“I’ve arrived.”)
[haiku url=“’ik-chen.wav” title=“Tl’ik chen!”]

Tl’ik chexw!
(“You’ve arrived.”)
[haiku url=“’ik-chexw.wav” title=“Tl’ik chexw!”]

Mi chexw uys.
(“You come inside. ”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Mi chexw uys”]

Chexw men wa ha7lh.
(“You’re doing well …or… You’re look­ing good.”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Chexw men wa ha7lh”]

Na chan.
(“I am!”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Na chan.”]

Kwis Huya // When You Leave

Huya chen melh
(“Well, I am going now.”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Huya chen melh”]

Nam̓ chen huya.
(“I am going to leave.”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Nam̓ chen huya”]

Huy melh halh 
(Short ver­sion of ’Huy men wa lh ha7lh’ which means “That is all, keep well.”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Huy melh halh”]

Chexw huya síy̓am̓
(“Farewell, sir”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Chexw huya síy̓am̓”]

Wa chexw yuu
(“You tare care.”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Wa chexw yuu”]

Tanew iymen.
(“You too.”)
[haiku url=“” title=“Tanew iymen”]

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